Why Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine Prescott Arizona

Functional medicine is medicine grounded in logic. Functional medicine practitioners logically look for the root causes of symptoms and treat those directly. Treating root causes brings balance back into the body systems and allows actual healing to occur.  

An easy example of this fundamental difference between conventional and functional practitioners is that a conventional doctor might treat high blood pressure (a symptom) by prescribing a pharmaceutical to be taken indefinitely.  However, the patient was not suffering from a blood pressure medication deficiency, so the medication is only masking the problem.  By comparison, a functional practitioner would ask: why does my patient have high blood pressure?  It could be that the patient lives a very stressful lifestyle, is exposed to high levels of a plasticizers through work, has insulin resistance, or many other factors.  The functional practitioner would resolve the root causes of the dysfunction, and would expect blood pressure to normalize as balance is restored.  


While conventional medicine is absolutely valuable for conditions like broken bones or acute infections, it fails when it comes to treating chronic conditions, like diabetes, that are becoming more and more prevalent.  Thankfully, this is where functional medicine comes in.  New studies and empirical evidence show that most chronic conditions can be significantly improved or even reversed with nutritional and other functional medicine interventions. 

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition Nutritionist Prescott Arizona

Functional Nutrition is the study and application of nutrition through a functional medicine lens.  It is an enthusiastic acknowledgment that what and how we eat has a profound impact on our health and well-being.  It is a rebuttal of the myth that we can participate in this ubiquitous junk food culture and at the same time expect our bodies to be healthy and our minds to be calm and clear.  Embracing nutrition from a functional medicine perspective is the ultimate personal empowerment - we have the ability to change our health outcomes by simply changing what we put into our bodies!